About Vervendo

Online Booking Platform

A startup company building an innovative online booking platform to personalize and enhance travelling experiences.

Vervendo relieves travellers from doing all the legwork of searching and comparing prices and accommodations to they match their ideal needs.

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My Roles

Icon for UI/UX


Responsible for designing an intuitive and smooth UI/UX for all devices.

Designed an independent experience for the mobile version of the website, a new desktop version, added responsiveness for tablet and mobile.

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Wrote maintainable and modern code to build UI components, animations and display back-end data dynamically.

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Designed and animated an illustration showing the process that follows after sending a request for offers successfully.

Icon for Graphics


Designed illustrations and icons for the website, advertisement campaigns, presentations, and other documents.

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The logo and a primary color already established when I joined Vervendo.

My role was to research and decide on additional colors; create logo variations and a tagline; develop a type system; write content for the website and ads.

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Ad Campaigns

Created illustrations and animations, edited sound effects and music, wrote a voiceover script, and decided on a direction and target audience for social media campaigns.

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Color Palette

When I started at Vervendo the primary blue color was already part of the brand.

We wanted to enrich the palette to match the atmosphere and energy of vacations by making a transition towards a split complimentary combination.

There was an addition of a vibrant pink and yellow to our palette.

Color Distribution

HEXFFFFFF RGB255 255 255 HSL0 0 100
Primary Color

Used for all purposes throughout the entire brand.

HEX2C6DA9 RGB49 109 169 HSL209 59 42
Primary Color

Used for all purposes throughout the entire brand.

HEXFF577F RGB255 87 127 HSL346 100 67
Secondary Color

Used for buttons, unique offers, host notes, and notifications.

HEXFFCA41 RGB255 202 65 HSL43 100 63
Tertiary Color

Used for added emphasis such as heading underlines.

HEXC98F1D RGB201 143 29 HSL40 75 45
Tertiary Color

Used for added emphasis such as heading underlines.

Mobile Mockup for Exclusive Offers
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Primary Font

Displaying Font Manrope

As part of the brand refresh, we changed our font from Roboto to Manrope.

Manrope provided the flexibility of both latin and greek characters, which was a helpful asset for a greek company.

As a wider and cleaner font, it served our goal of creating a smooth and engaging environment for our users.

Secondary Font

Displaying Font Caveat

To add some warmth, quirkiness, and excitement to our type, we included a complimentary font with a handwritten/cursive style, named Caveat.

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Use Cases

Testing Mobile User Flows

During the summer of 2021, our bounce rates were increasing and travelers slowly stopped sending requests. Our userbase consists almost entirely of mobile users, consequently, we took a mobile-first approach for the redesign.